We are NOT a freight forwarder, nor do we have any alignment with any providers of freight services. We are totally independent  -  we work for and with our customers, as part of their management team and business.
We offer services in a number of key aspects of International Trade, and international shipping & airfreight, including conducting comprehensive audits of international supply chains, freight costs and processes, encompassing Sea, Air and land-based freight movements.



Internationally trading companies of all sizes, often grapple with non-core activities, and how much, or what, should be handled in-house, and what is better out-sourced. In-house, non-core activities are purely a cost against the business, and while these activities can be fully justified in some cases, many companies incur far more in-house costs, and efficiency issues, than is necessary. SME’s often have a shipping manager and/or a  shipping department,  a CFO, procurement and/or purchasing managers having to find time to attend to freight and logistics, as well as their core role. Smaller companies see the owner, or MD spending time on trying to find the best freight costs, and then have to deal with the operational needs of importing/exporting, instead of developing their businesses.



Looking to import or export for the first time, or manufacture off-shore? We’re specialises in assisting Australian companies, who cross trade between non countries. Many freight companies do not have the capacity and expertise or find it difficult to handle. We have the expertise to facilitate cross-trading off-shore, and ensure that full control remains within your company.