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Australian Commodity Exporters are taking advantage of TradeDocs Export Documentation service during their Peak Season. Many Exporters in recent times have partnered with TradeDocs Export Documentation service during their busy season, it allows Export departments to focus on customer service and make sure Export Orders meet delivery times, and not on completing their Export Documentation. 

TradeDocs Export Documentation service covers: 

  1. Prepare your documents for submission to your Bank as per your Letter of Credit.
  2. Delivery of trade documents securely to your trading partners.
  3. Prepare and Print your Commercial Documents, quarantine and inspection documents.
  4. Liaise with your Shipping Company to generate the Bill of Ladings.
  5. Submit Electronic Certificate of Origins to Australian Chambers of Commerce’s 

TradeDocs is Department of Agriculture Approved For: Edible Meat, Inedible Meat, Wool, Seafood, Dairy, Grains, Plants & Horticulture 

If your Export Department is short staffed or under resourced TradeDocs Export Documentation, Customs & Quarantine Service can immediately meet your requirements.

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